Friday, April 14, 2017

Explanation of this blog's title

I called this blog "my t(ruth)" because, of course, I wanted to share my truth with the world through it -- in all frankness -- holding nothing back.  However, I put "ruth" in parentheses because at the very heart of my truth (and also, I would argue, of the Absolute Truth; as they say, God is Love!!) is the concept of ruth, which Merriam-Webster defines thus.  (Scroll down and expand the Synonyms section so you can read all those beautiful, beautiful synonyms and related words, too!!!!  :D :D :D )  Really, there couldn't be a better word to encapsulate what defines me at my core and flavors my whole being.  (Especially because that second definition of "sorrow for one's own faults" is included as well!!  Oh, how perfectly that summarizes pretty much my entire adult life!!!  D: )

I also liked the fact that the portion of the blog title that precedes the word "ruth" is "my t"  -- which I mentally translated into "mighty" -- signifying that love conquers all!  Drops of water (the most nurturing and life-giving of elements) wear away stone!  The warm Sun in Aesop's fable defeats the blustery Wind in their test of strength!  HURRAY!!!!  :D :D :D :D

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  1. Nice! Love how you gave us a link to read about "ruth." And you even included a little story about how the Sun defeated the Wind! I love also that you put my and t together to create mighty, but I was a little surprised that you didn't mention Kevin Dillon from The Mighty. No worries, though, you gave us some food for thought by saying that love conquers all, and that drops of water wear away stone.